Millions of Latin American coffee farmers have plots of land that are too small to produce enough coffee to support their families. Because they can’t earn enough to put nutritious food on the table year round, they face seasonal hunger for several months, every year – eating less, going into debt to buy food, or subsisting on starches and sugary foods. Along with childhood malnutrition, adult obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases are becoming common in rural coffee-growing communities. With coffee prices unchanged in the past 50 years, and food prices and farming costs skyrocketing during the same period, farmers can’t catch up.


We’re working to change that.

Food 4 Farmers partners with coffee cooperatives to help farmers grow food, feed their families and neighbors, supplement coffee income with new farm businesses, improve nutrition and health, and take action to fight climate change.

We’re currently working with coffee cooperatives representing more than 4,000 small coffee farmers and their families. Our goal is to embed knowledge and assets in the community, empower families to sustain success, and make sure that people who grow the high quality coffee we love have what they need to thrive.

And, we’re seeing that beekeeping is a great way for coffee farmers to supplement their income!

Honey can be harvested and sold in the first year, no additional land is needed, and demand for “specialty honey” is robust. Our beekeeping programs in Mexico and Guatemala are going strong, and we want to make sure our community partners have all resources they need to succeed.

To do that, our Campaign for Coffee and Honey aims to raise $10,000 to support our beekeeping programs with the Cesmach cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico, and the Maya Ixil cooperative in Nebaj, Guatemala. Funds raised will be invested in bee hives, equipment, and training for coffee farmers who are working hard to make life sweeter for their families and communities.

We invite you to invest in our work. Please donate here.

To find out more, please contact Janice Nadworny at, or at 802 497-3304.

Thank you, and have a sweet and joyous holiday season!