A massive hurricane has devastated communities across Central America and Mexico. Rampant flooding and landslides in mountainous areas have taken lives and forced thousands to evacuate.

Hurricane Eta impact in Santa Avelina Guatemala

Our partners in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico have all been affected by Hurricane Eta. We are responding to this crisis by raising funds to support the farming families who will need help to recover.  Please give here.

Our staff and Board are in contact with our partners at Maya Ixil, ACODIHUE, SOPPEXCCA, and CESMACH to identify key needs and how we can best help.

  • In Guatemala, Maya Ixil general manager Miguel Ostuma tells us families had to evacuate their homes due to flooding and landslides. Co-op members report serious damage to their coffee and maize crops, putting their income and food security at risk.
  • In Nicaragua, women in our farmers market program at SOPPEXCCA have lost as much as 80 percent of their food crops. The hurricane will also have an impact on the coffee harvest. Lilliam Perez, SOPPEXCCA’s food security coordinator, is preparing a report on the hurricane’s full effects.
  • In Mexico, intense rainfall in Chiapas has caused extreme flooding and landslides that have claimed lives. Our partner co-op CESMACH reports heavy food crop losses and potential impacts on their coffee parcels.

We will be sending supplies to replace losses in home gardens and apiaries, and we’ll continue to provide updates from our partners on this blog post. We invite you to support our efforts to help families affected by Hurricane Eta here.