Beekeeping in Latin America

Beekeeping can help coffee-growing families diversify their livelihoods, earn income to fight food insecurity, and ease their dependency on one crop.

We’ve created a community of practice called Cafe y Miel to support Latin American coffee co-operatives and other farmer organizations interested in beekeeping for their members. Cafe y Miel is intended as a resource for prospective beekeepers — with technical information, connections with expertise and resources, and real-time support to help coffee farmers get started in commercial beekeeping.

You can learn more by clicking on the following links to beekeeping tutorials or the beekeeping manual, both of which provide an overview of the basic components of beekeeping, and are available to all.

Thanks to Sustainable Harvest and Optic Nerve Productions for their generosity in providing video content for our site.

Beekeeping Tutorials                                                                         Beekeeping Manual