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Thanks to the CoffeeGeek Holiday Fundraiser, we’re now working with the SOPPEXCCA coffee cooperative to help 200 students in three area elementary schools grow fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.

Nicaragua’s Food Security and Sovereignty law places a curriculum requirement for all schools, but doesn’t often provide funding. So, schools are left on their own to find resources. Luckily, our friend Mark Prince, aka Coffee Geek, stepped in and his network of amazing coffee friends raised enough money to fund this program for the first year.

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Even before the program officially started, the school had already prepped the soil, built a fence, and was ready to go.

SOPPEXCCA has been wanting to add school garden programs to its roster of community development services. With its strong agricultural business knowledge and resources like a large compost production facility and a seed saving program, SOPPEXCCA will now lead the community in developing a thriving school garden program. We also brought in local organization  ASDENIC  to train teachers, parents, student leaders, and cooperative staff to implement the garden and the class work.

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Marcela kicked off the program earlier this month, signing the contract with SOPPEXCCA and ASDENIC, and visiting the schools to participate in the training. She found lots of energy and excitement in this wonderful group of coffee-farming families, parents from the community, teachers, and students. Sixty people showed up for the inaugural day of training.

The group defined roles and responsibilities, learned about healthy foods, and created a plan for the program. In the coming year, 200 kids and their families will reap a harvest of organic fruits and vegetables, all produced as locally as it gets. And, they’ll learn about the benefits of replacing junk food with delicious, nutritious food to help them learn, grow, and thrive. As we continue our work with the coffee cooperative, schools and families, we’ll share the program’s progress with you.

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From Fatima and the SOPPEXCCA staff:

“We’re grateful for our collaborators and friends who have put their hearts and minds into our rural communities…it is for them that we keep working, committing our energy to those families and rural children…Thank you Food 4 Farmers…thank you Coffee Geek for the holiday fundraiser…thank you to all who have collaborated so UCA SOPPEXCCA can keep up the fight…”

Many thanks to Mark Prince and everyone listed below who gave so generously, challenged others to step up, matched donations, and spread the word. They are making better nutrition for coffee-growing families — and their communities — a reality.

49th Parallel Coffee

Acaia Scales




Crema Coffee Co.

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Fire Roasted Coffee

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

La Marzocco Home

Madcap Coffee

Moja Coffee

Morala Trading Inc

Orphan Espresso

Pilot Coffee Roasters

Prado Café

PT’s Coffee Roasting

Reg Barber Enterprises

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Stir Coffee House

Whole Latte Love

Steven Craig Andrews

Andrew Barnett

Ronald Bilow

Ed Bott

Scott Callender

Andrew Campbell

Jason Carlson

Jenn Chen

Dave Cook

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Christopher Davies

Doug Finley

Alan Folks

Jeremy Hart

Michael Kossey

Dana Leighton

James Liedeka

Vania Ling

Robert Lowe

Kaelin McCowan

Jennifer Medlin-Lloyd

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Hamid Mortazavi

John Neate

Patrick Norton

Sammy Piccolo

Dan Seifert

Craig Seko

Kevin Seymour

Steve Souphanthong

Jeff Taylor

Andrew Wilkin

Roger Wittman


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