The time is ripe for a TransFARMation – a reimagining of how farming families interact with food and secure their futures. 

More than 820 million people around the world don’t have enough to eat, with most living in rural areas. Over reliance on commodity crops like coffee has left millions of farming families around the world struggling to put food on the table. At the same time, a flood of cheap, nutrient-deficient, calorie-rich food has been trucked into rural communities, resulting in local food deserts, and leaving more people malnourished. 

Food 4 Farmers envisions a world where everyone has enough nutritious food, every day.  We’re working on TransFARMation: transforming commodity crop farms using chemical inputs, to thriving food and economic hubs using organic, environmentally-friendly farm practices.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Nell Newman Foundation and matched by a long-time donor, we’ve raised $40,000 toward our $60,000 TransFARMation goal this year.

You can help! Your donation will help us raise the remaining $20,000, to help more farming families grow fresh, nutritious food right on their coffee farms.

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