Rick Peyser’s advocacy for coffee farmers and their communities goes back nearly 30 years. His fight for a better quality of life for the people who grow the coffee we all love and depend on has never wavered. We honor Rick’s work — and the coffee-farming families he’s worked with — through this limited edition coffee: Roasted Rick’s Small Batch Coffee for a Better World. 

Rick Peyser, Photo by Julia Luckett

Rick says: “I’m more committed than ever to bring attention to – and change – the system that has oppressed generations of coffee-farming families. This special coffee honors the farmers and communities I’ve worked with over the years, and will bolster their resilience, food security, and livelihoods in the face of yet another challenge: the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Rick is co-founder of Food 4 Farmers, established in 2011 to address “Los Meses Flacos” – the months of chronic seasonal hunger affecting millions of coffee-farming families. For 27 years, he was instrumental in developing and promoting Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ sustainability efforts, and his advocacy for a better quality of life for coffee farmers and their families continues to this day. Rick is currently Senior Relationship Manager, Coffee & Cocoa, at Lutheran World Relief. He sits on the Food 4 Farmers Board, and is a member of our Program Committee.

The inaugural release of Roasted Rick’s is a fully washed Arabica from Inzá Cauca in Colombia, produced by a group of 52 smallholders in the “Macizo Colombiano,” and grown at an altitude of 1,500-2,000 meters. This medium roast coffee has notes of berries, plums, jasmine and milk chocolate, and a medium body. Mercanta The Coffee Hunters has donated the green coffee, which will be roasted by Brio Coffeeworks as their own contribution to our work.

Donate $25 or more to Food 4 Farmers and you’ll receive a bag of this limited-edition specialty coffee. Donate $50 or more, and receive two bags. Shipping is free. We can only ship to US addresses.

100% of proceeds will fund our critical work in Latin America to improve livelihoods and give thousands of small-scale coffee farmers, their families, and communities access to healthy food – grown locally by coffee-farming families – every day. 

Our food security work is more critical than ever (read our update). COVID-19 is sweeping through Latin America, where the effects of climate change and low coffee prices have already put coffee-farming communities at risk. Your donation will help us support their efforts to grow food, sell & share with their neighbors, and give everyone the opportunity to put good food on the table, build resilience to weather the effects of the pandemic, and take control of their food sources.