Become a Sustaining Partner

Everyone in our community – especially coffee retailers and roasters – has the power to spread awareness about challenges faced by coffee farmers that threaten livelihoods. For consumers, coffee companies are the portal to high quality coffee and the people who grow it.  Coffee shops are community gathering places, led by creative entrepreneurs who understand the challenges of running a small business — much like the coffee farmers we work with. Specialty coffee companies are key advocates for farmers, because they know how much work goes into producing and delivering high quality coffee.

Co-Director Marcela Pino with the staff of COMEPCAFE, our co-op partner in Cauca, Colombia.

How can a creative, visionary, entrepreneurial coffee company work with us? By becoming a Sustaining Partner.

Sustaining Partners are among our most important advocates for coffee-farming families, because they understand food security is a long-term effort. By making a commitment to  donate at least $20 a month, or $240 a year, our Sustaining Partners provide families with ongoing, critical resources necessary for lasting food security.

As a Sustaining Partner, your company will be featured on our website and social media pages, with a link to your website and social media.

You can also become a Sustaining Partner as an individual or family donor.

It’s easy – you can start making automatic monthly or quarterly payments from your checking or credit card account.For more information about the program, please contact Janice Nadworny at 802- 497-3304.

Our Sustaining Partners

Other ways to support coffee-farming families

Donation Box 

A donation box on the counter is one the easiest ways to participate. This small box serves as a messaging opportunity and a place for customers to donate without interrupting service.

Donation Box at Henderson's


Coffee Sack Sign

Sell your used coffee sacks

Do you have used coffee sacks taking up space?  Sell them for a suggested donation amount. Here’s an awesome sign Uncommon Grounds used. Last year, this great campaign raised over $1,000 to support our work with coffee-farming communities.

Per Pound Donation

Brio Coffeeworks CESMACH promotion

Donating a fixed dollar amount or percentage of sales of coffee is a great way to go, especially if you’re buying coffee from communities or countries where we work!  Brio Coffeeworks roasts coffee from Cesmach, one of our partner cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico, and donates $1 per pound sold.  It’s a great opportunity for co-branding.

Host an Event 

Artprize Latte Throwdown at Ferris Coffee

It’s the perfect opportunity to bring your coffee community together to support a cause, hang out, and be THAT coffee shop that had the cool party.

Special Drink Promotion

Do you have beautiful, Instagrammable lattes, or are trying out a special roast from one of our partner cooperatives? Tell your customers with every drink sold your shop is making a donation from the sale to fight hunger in coffee-growing communities.


Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Food 4 Farmers whenever you shop through our charity link at:

E-commerce Donation Box

Addison Coffee Roasters Check out donation

Addison Coffee Roasters created an online version of a donation box. Every customer gets an opportunity to support our work.

There’s a world of ideas out there – we’d love to hear yours.

We love saying thank you all over social media, and promoting our partners. Tell us what you’d like to do – and we’ll do our best to support you and make it happen.  Check out our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts for more ideas. Or, get in touch with Janice at