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Food 4 Farmers2022-01-20T12:05:38-05:00

Cultivating local solutions to

Food Insecurity

The Challenges
Food4Farmers Four Pillars


We partner with coffee-farming communities in Latin America to cultivate a food-secure future. Our co-op partners and the thousands of coffee-farming families they represent are working to put good, healthy food on their tables every day.

About Us

Our Impact

We help coffee-growing communities strengthen local food systems, promote sustainable farming practices, diversify family livelihoods, and cultivate local leadership.

41 percent increase in income among beekeepers - food 4 farmers 2019
40 percent of food gap filled in nicaragua - food 4 farmers 2019
30 percent reduction in months of food scarcity in Colombia - food 4 farmers 2019
More Impacts


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“It’s a great advantage to grow vegetables without pesticides so we don’t jeopardize the health of our children.”

~ Rosibel Gonzalez, coffee farmer 

Rosibel is a participant in our organic farmers market program with Nicaraguan coffee cooperative SOPPEXCCA.

Help farming families and their communities access locally grown nutritious food, every day.

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