Gloria Talavera (right), a participant in SOPPEXCCA’s organic farmers’ market program, explains their work to Andi Trindle of Philz Coffee.

Collaborations are a powerful force for good. Since the beginning we’ve built partnerships with amazing companies who understand the link between healthy families and good coffee.

For the majority of the 17.7 million farmers producing 80 percent of the world’s coffee, income from coffee will never be enough to assure year round access to healthy food. By investing in our food security programs, you can have a significant impact on the families and communities that count on coffee.

Every contribution to our food security programs helps. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small retailer, corporate roaster, an importer or an interested barista. As we release our 2018 Annual Report, we’re recognizing some contributors who make our work possible. They each contribute in a different way, but it all adds up to positive impact for coffee-farming families.

Go Big!

Philz Coffee Logo
  • Philz CoffeeWith a mission to “better people’s day,” Philz Coffee starts with a coffee sourcing commitment that includes generous financial support for our food security work. Since 2015, Philz has made it possible for all of our partners to improve livelihoods, nutrition, and help their communities by building stronger local food systems. Philz’ “Cup of Love” is making life better for thousands of farming families and their communities.

Be consistent.

  • Equator Coffee & Teas – Equator has been with us from the start – and every year since – supporting our work. They’ve helped us launch new programs, while sustaining communities well on their path to lasting food security. From beekeeping to healthy farm soil and clean water, from women’s farmers’ markets to school gardens, Equator has had a positive impact on coffee-farming families’ livelihoods.
  • InterAmerican Coffee InterAmerican Coffee has been making key investments in our work since 2012, and has fueled our beekeeping program with the Maya Ixil cooperative since 2015. With InterAmerican’s support, Maya Ixil’s indigenous coffee farmers and their families have ramped up honey production and quality, while developing their new business to reach national and export markets.

Give a boost to your business partners.

  • Café MamCafé Mam offers organic coffee produced by farmers living the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Reflecting their geographic focus, Café Mam decided to fund our work with coffee-farming families at the CESMACH cooperative in Chiapas, where they’re supplementing coffee livelihoods with income from beekeeping.

Be creative.

  • Addison Coffee RoastersRichard Duncan and his team encourage their customers to donate to Food 4 Farmers via Addison’s online retail store, as well as at the shop – and the company matches donations dollar for dollar. Even more important, they use their voice to raise awareness about the issues confronting small-scale coffee farmers with a regular blog, and a page devoted to Food 4 Farmers on the website.
  • Camano Island Coffee Roasters Camano Island donates a portion of their Coffee Lover’s Club sales to Food 4 Farmers, investing funds in our home garden and egg production program at Nuevo Futuro in Colombia, and our beekeeping work with Maya Ixil in Guatemala. The company’s focus on high quality, organic coffee matches our focus on a better quality of life for farming families and their communities.

Support innovation.

  • Allegro CoffeeAlong with investments in food security, Allegro provides funds to help us develop monitoring tools for coffee communities to measure their own progress, educate families about good nutrition and healthy farm practices, and build new on-farm businesses to supplement coffee livelihoods. Allegro has also stepped up to support our new food security partnership with the families of the ACODIHUE cooperative in Guatemala.

Get specific.

  • GloryBee Foods Honey company GloryBee has been a strong ally in supporting our beekeeping programs at CESMACH and Maya Ixil — and is working with us to develop a “specialty” market for high quality honey produced by these coffee farmers. Our mutual goal is to grow honey production, bring high quality “coffee garden honey” to US buyers, and pay farmers enough so their businesses and families can thrive.

Vary your approach.

  • Brio Coffeeworks – Brio does it all! This Burlington, Vermont-based roaster donates a portion of sales to our beekeeping program at CESMACH, sells used burlap bags and donates proceeds to all our programs, runs special promotions to benefit our work, and hosts learning events at the roastery. Co-owners Magda and Nate Van Dusen have gone the distance by raising funds and running on our Vermont City Marathon relay team, while Magda currently serves as our Board Chair.

No matter how you choose to support coffee-farming families, every donation helps. Get in touch and let us know how you’d like to team up to improve lives. Contact Janice Nadworny at