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Our mission is to facilitate the implementation of sustainable food security programs in coffee-growing communities.

We help coffee-farming families, cooperatives, and community-based organizations identify challenges, resources, and strategies to build long-term solutions to hunger. To do this, we work with Latin American coffee-growing organizations, coaching and connecting them with the expertise they need to implement the right strategies for their communities, and making sure they have the tools to monitor their progress over time.

We don’t import a simplistic, one-size-fits-all model. Instead, we help communities identify locally appropriate solutions and strategies – and support them in managing their progress.

Coffee co-ops and community-based organizations are effective partners, because the have the capacity to organize and educate hundreds or thousands of farmers to take action.

Empowering farming communities to increase production and consumption of local food has positive effects, far beyond food security. Less imported food aid and products means less transport, lower energy use and impact on climate change. And, just as our communities here in the U.S. benefit from strengthening local food systems, so do coffee-growing communities.

Non-profit organizations and governments have worked with communities for decades to develop strategies to overcome hunger – but because of lack of communication, financial resources, or organizational capacity, real and lasting food security is still out of reach for millions of coffee-farming communities.

Food 4 Farmers works to fill those gaps, and achieve locally-driven, sustainable food security.


  1. What is Seasonal Hunger?
  2. The Roots of Seasonal Hunger
  3. Real Food Security