Many thanks to our newest Sustaining Partners, Onyx Tonics and Speeder & Earl’s, both located in beautiful Burlington, Ve


By signing on as a Sustaining Partner, Speeder & Earl’s and Onyx Tonics will join the effort to help Latin American coffee-farming families access nutritious, delicious, locally grown food, and improve their livelihoods by building on the foundation of coffee with new ventures such as bee

keeping, cacao, traditional crop cultivation, and other strategies. As important, families also access education about nutrition, organic and agro-ecological farm practices that reduce dependency on expensive and chemical inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides, and water and soil management.

Our partner in Nicaragua, the SOPPEXCCA coffee co-operative, is doing great work in bringing better nutrition to the com

munity. SOPPEXCCA coffee cooperative in Nicaragua. SOPPEXCCA is working with 3 area elementary schools to teach students about the benefits of growing and preparing fresh, healthy food. SOPPEXCC

A has also started up a new venture – the first-ever organic farmers market in Jinotega, run by 22 women coffee farmers who are members of the co-op, and who are now growing organic fruits and vegetables, along with high quality coffee.



Be sure to stop by Speeder & Earl’s and Onyx Tonics, enjoy a delicious coffee, and thank them for their support of coffee-farming families in Latin America!

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