The evidence of climate change is all around us. Unfortunately, it’s often the communities least prepared to adapt who are bearing the brunt of the effects. Food 4 Farmers’ programs help coffee-farming families directly address those impacts, which is why we’re proud to announce that 1% for the Planet has named us an official nonprofit partner.

1% for the Planet is a global alliance of more than 1,200 member companies in 40 countries that contribute 1% of their revenues to environmental causes. This means that 1% for the Planet business members can now count Food 4 Farmers donations toward their company’s commitment.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges our farming partners face. Widespread food insecurity and income loss has become the norm. Unpredictable weather patterns, reduced soil fertility, and an increase in pests and diseases is resulting in uncertain harvests. Low coffee prices and rising food costs are leaving families in precarious positions.

Food 4 Farmers’ food security and income diversification programs for coffee-farming families align with 1% for the Planet’s mission, by taking a climate-friendly approach to creating more sustainable livelihoods across Latin America.

“We advocated for Food 4 Farmers because their focus on food security through education and sustainable agricultural strategies support communities and the planet,” said Nathan Irons, CEO of Bluestone Life, a 1% for the Planet member. “Regenerative land-use practices and enhancing soil health sequesters carbon and improves productivity. Education lays the foundation for vibrant lives and curbs population growth. Food 4 Farmers is making a positive impact on multiple fronts!”

Food 4 Farmers’ approach contributes to a healthier planet through

  • Sustainable soil and water management for long-term soil fertility and watershed health;
  • Organic pest management practices that reduce use of agrochemicals;
  • Building biodiversity on and around farms to protect vulnerable ecosystems and primary forest;
  • Organic and traditional food crop production and seed saving;
  • Using native plantings to support pollinators, people, and planet;
  • Creating local farmers markets to reduce dependency on global food conglomerates and long-distance transport of food to rural communities.

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