As the effects of COVID-19 ripple around the world, we remain in close contact with our partners across Latin America. This crisis provides us with an important opportunity to fully understand interdependence. J

Just as we depend on one another, we depend on the natural world we are all a part of. This crisis is a call for change, to push for greater equality and social justice, to push for a food system that respects biodiversity and the soil, and to build up supportive communities that can provide for themselves. 

COVID-19 is poised to have an impact on all the families we work with. In Guatemala, borders have been closed, Colombia has declared a state of economic and social emergency. Most of our partners tell us that business continues as usual for now, but they see upcoming and massive disruptions. At a time like this, we continue to be inspired by the resilience of the communities we work with.

Below you’ll find links to a few of our posts that give insight into the lives of the farming families and organizations we’ve come to know so well.  They also provide ideas on living with uncertainty during difficult times. 

One of the most important parts of our work is being able to give coffee-farmers the time and space to consider what a food secure future could look like and build strategies to get there. As we deal with the never-ending news cycle and the worries of the day, try to take time to reflect, look beyond the immediate, and consider the bigger picture. 

Last October, food security coordinators from across Latin America came together in Nicaragua to share their challenges and successes. For most, it was their first chance to interact with others in a similar role. Connection is important. It can bring things into perspective, and often results in new ideas and novel approaches to common problems. Read more here.

Food security is an ‘all hands on deck’ issue. It’s not the sole responsibility of women or men, it’s about everyone working together. In many of our partner communities, women often go unrecognized for the work they do and seldom have the opportunity to lead. As an organization led by women, we strive to cultivate confidence and leadership among women so they can play an equal role. As we address this global challenge, we must ensure that we leverage the abilities and talents of every person. Read more here.

COVID-19 is a colossal challenge that will strain healthcare systems and exacerbate already strained food supplies around the globe. 820 million people around the world don’t have enough to eat and lack enough income to provide for their families. Our work – with your support – helps build more resilient communities that can better cope with seasonal hunger and the effects of climate change.

Our small organization depends on financial support from donors who value farming families and the hard work they do growing coffee -– and thanks to our partnerships, healthy, organic food and honey for their families, neighbors, and communities. 

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