Collaboration is at the heart of all we do. We work hand-in-hand with coffee cooperatives and farming families to build food security, strengthen livelihoods, and help them lead their communities. We connect them with local expertise to implement effective food security and livelihood strategies. Our partnerships also include organizations that share resources and knowledge, and foundations, businesses, and donors who make critical investments in our work. We rely on these diverse collaborations to ensure we can effectively, and holistically, address food insecurity in coffee-farming communities.

Teresa Medina Toma of Maya Ixil cooperative stands holding a fruit tree sapling in one hand. She received it from Grow Ahead at a recent tree delivery.

COMEPCAFE farmer Berenice Cuene plants huarzo beans in her home garden. GrainPro’s post-harvest solutions allow for crops like beans to be safely preserved, complementing our pre-harvest food security focus.

Teresa Medina Toma of Maya Ixil cooperative stands holding a fruit tree sapling in one hand. She received it from Grow Ahead at a recent tree delivery.

GrainPro’s hermetic food technology helps prevent food loss throughout the entirety of a product’s post-harvest supply chain.

We’ve added an exciting new collaboration to our network: GrainPro, a social impact company working to move small-scale farmers from survival mode to prosperity. GrainPro manufactures post-harvest solutions that organically protect commodities against food losses, to improve the quality of life for farmers. With operations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, GrainPro’s reach includes the areas of Latin America where we work, with the potential to help us reach more families, communities, and partners, all over the world. GrainPro has integrated a commitment to farming communities into its business model by adopting a long-term strategic plan founded on addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals relating to poverty, hunger, gender equality, reducing food loss, and climate action.

Along with our shared values, our two organizations have a common focus on addressing seasonal hunger in coffee-farming communities. We’re energized about building on each other’s resources and areas of expertise. “Our vision is a healthy planet without hunger and poverty,” says Jordan Dey, President and CEO of GrainPro Inc. “GrainPro’s technology can help play a role in improving lives and much of this work requires a deep-field presence and the right approach. Food 4 Farmers understands the challenges and opportunities farming families face – and there is nothing more important than eliminating the chronic hunger season between harvests.”

A coffee farmer of COMEPCAFE cooperative receives banana corms in a crate from Grow Ahead, to be planted at her home garden.

Rafael Mier, a Mexican businessman and supporter of sustainable agriculture, realized that keeping corn in Mexico’s hot and humid climate was difficult. In his quest to promote corn production and consumption, he found a solution in GrainPro’s post-harvest storage options.

Our collaboration includes a commitment from GrainPro for ongoing financial support, while leveraging the leadership and expertise of our two organizations. This powerful partnership brings together our creative thinkers and leaders, to co-design strategies that promote and support sustainable agriculture, smallholder financing, environmental sustainability and responsible sourcing. Our shared goal is to spur positive, urgently-needed change for farming families and their communities.

Two members of Maya Ixil cooperative plant new fruit tree saplings alongside other vegetables in their home garden.

The SOPPEXCCA coffee cooperative’s Mercadito Nutri-Hogar, a women-run farmers market, brings healthy, locally grown products from women’s home market gardens to sell to Jinotega’s community of 130,000 residents.

We believe working with GrainPro will strengthen our mission of cultivating a food-secure future for coffee-farming families, and we’re very excited about working together. To learn more about GrainPro and their work, please visit