We’re proud to announce the second release of Roasted Rick’s Coffee for a Better World, a series of limited-edition coffees that honor the work of Food 4 Farmers co-founder Rick Peyser and the farming families at the heart of the coffee industry. This edition is roasted by our friends at Vermont Artisan Coffee. All proceeds will fund food security work with coffee-farming families in Latin America.

“We’ve worked with Rick for years and admire his tireless advocacy on behalf of coffee-farming communities. We were inspired by Food 4 Farmers’ campaign honoring his work and are proud to launch our own blend,” said Mané Alves, Owner of Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea. Mané roasted this small-batch coffee with Rick in attendance.

This release of Roasted Rick’s is a blend of coffee from Fazenda São Francisco in Brazil and the small farmers of Anserma Cooperative in Colombia. Tasting notes are sweet and fruity with nutty notes and milk chocolate. The coffee sells for $20 and all proceeds support food security work with coffee-farming families. Order your bag here.

Peyser co-founded Food 4 Farmers with Marcela Pino and Janice Nadworny in 2011 to address “Los Meses Flacos” — the months of chronic seasonal hunger affecting millions of coffee-farming families. For 20 years, he was instrumental in developing and promoting Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ coffee community outreach. His advocacy for coffee farmers and their families continues to this day. Peyser is also the co-author of Brewing Change: Behind the Bean at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, which chronicles the plight of coffee farmers and the development of the sustainable coffee movement.

“I’m more committed than ever to bring attention to — and change — the system that has oppressed generations of coffee-farming families. This special coffee honors the farmers and communities I’ve worked with over the years, and will bolster their resilience, food security, and livelihoods in the face of yet another challenge: the COVID-19 pandemic,” Peyser said.

Our food security work has become more critical than ever as COVID-19 sweeps through Latin America, where the effects of climate change and low coffee prices have already put small-scale coffee farmers and their families at risk. We develop and help implement strategies so cooperatives and farming families can produce food locally, diversify income, build resilience, and weather the effects of climate crises and emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find Roasted Rick’s at Vermont Artisan Coffee and Tea.